Processed food in the EU: cheaters and liars

By |2020-05-08T16:05:54+02:00avril 1st, 2013|General, News|

The latest EU-wide food scandal sparkled across various European nations – such as France, Great-Britain, Germany, Sweden, Romania and Cyprus – leaving the consumers with the impression of being fooled since the beginning by all the different actors along the food production line. From the political leaders to the [...]

A Europe-wide April’s Fool?

By |2020-04-16T17:30:52+02:00mars 9th, 2013|General, News|

After the dramatic failure of the European constitution in 2005, the EU came up with a “Plan-D” for democracy, dialogue and debate, supposed to address the European citizen’s concerns by giving them the floor. As a result, April first 2012 gave birth to the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), a [...]

Towards the end of the European welfare state?

By |2020-04-16T17:31:26+02:00mars 9th, 2013|General, News|

While the economic crisis continues to rage across Europe, the European Commission wants to launch a 7 year controversial 2.5 billion euro poverty fund to help the most deprived citizens. The question remains a sore issue in the debate about the EU budget. European construction was put in place [...]

L’Europe des Régions, entre utopie et gouffre financier ?

By |2020-04-16T17:39:00+02:00décembre 11th, 2012|General, News|

Le Comité des Régions est souvent considéré comme une des institutions les plus inutiles parmi l’ensemble des organes européens. Encore faut-il savoir qu’il existe. C’est sûr qu’en ces temps de crise les citoyens européens sont en droit de se demander si un budget annuel de 80 million d’euros est [...]

EU financial management affected by Commission and Member States misspending:

By |2020-04-16T17:43:15+02:00novembre 25th, 2012|General, News|

An audit of the 2011 European Union accounts shows that while the revenue and commitments indicate accurate results, errors in payments affect 3.9 % of the EU budget as a whole. An amount even higher than the one recorded the previous year clearly indicating a change in expense management [...]

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